Ferrite Magnets

A ferrite magnet is a permanent magnet that is made of ceramic oxides, the so-called ferrites. Due to their ceramic character, ferrites are brittle and sensitive to impact. Because of their high hardness, ferrites must be machined with diamond tools.

Isotropic Magnets Anisotropic Magnets
Feritové magnety

Isotropic hard ferrites

Isotropic hard ferrites are produced by the dry pressing method, i.e. with ferrite dust as the starting material, which is pressed without applying a magnetic field. The resulting product can be subsequently magnetised in any direction according to specific requirements. According to the customer's requirements, we are able to deliver any shape and dimension.


Applications: Automotive industry: for starters, distributors, ignition, etc. Consumer electronics: loudspeaker parts, linear motors, etc.


Applications in electrical engineering: relay switches, etc. Other applications: magnets for common use – office and school magnets, clamping magnets, etc.


Applications in electrical engineering: magnets for rotors, magnets for sensors, etc. Anisotropic magnets, hard ferrites

Anisotropic Hard Ferrites

Anisotropic hard ferrites are produced by the wet pressing method; the starting material is suspension which is injected into the compression mould. Pressing takes place under the influence of a magnetic field, which determines the resulting magnetic orientation. The magnet produced in this way can no longer be magnetically oriented in any way other than the pressing magnetisation.


General applications: separators, fixtures and similar devices.


General applications: fixtures, holding magnets, etc.


Applications in electrical engineering: magnets for rotors, magnets for sensors, etc.


Applications in electrical engineering: DC electric motors, mainly for the automotive industry (window-pulling motors, rear-view mirrors, wipers, seat adjustment, starter motors, etc.)

ISO 9001:2015

We hold the quality management system certificate ISO9001:2015 within the scope of sale services and ensuring laboratory tests of sintered NdFeB magnets, plastic bonded magnets and ferrite magnets.

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LH magnets can be found, for example, in automotive vehicles of the following brands.